Accru Tax Guide 2021/22 App

Accru Tax Guide – A mileage calculator, tax calculator, tax rates guide and tax news source – all in one user friendly app.

One of Australia’s original tax apps, Accru’s popular Tax Guide app is now among the most downloaded tax app in Australia. With benefits proven over four years by thousands of users, the latest update for iPhones and iPads has some great features – and it’s still free:

  • User-friendly design – Easy-to-use  interface
  • Mileage calculator – with iCloud storage
  • Capital gains calculator – estimates CGT payable based on asset price, purchase and sale dates, and your current taxable income
  • Tax news – live feed from Accru’s website.

Watch the Accru Tax Guide video  to find out how it works.

Plus core features

  • Tax Rates Quick guide – Company tax, FBT, CGT, superannuation and personal tax rates, covered in a clear format without excessive detail – up-to-date as at July 2021.
  • Personal Tax Calculator – Calculate your bring-home pay and tax payable – weekly, fortnightly or monthly – without having to plug in a lot of figures.
  • Motor Vehicle Log Book –Take the hassle out of business mileage tracking by entering your relevant car journey details, then simply exporting a spreadsheet summary at tax time.

Tax rates covered:

  • Personal Tax Rates (with a sliding calculator showing roughly how much PAYG tax you pay in an instant
  • Company Tax Rates
  • Superannuation Contributions
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Tax Due Dates

Download the Accru Tax Guide App 2021/22 for Apple devices from the App Store and a base model for Android via Google Play today.

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